About Rimma.co

Rimma.co is a digital media and community that support women to defeat their life enemies, provide them with the best guide, and creating a supportive community for them to achieve their goals. 

Our Mission

We want to be the best support system for young women who wants to achieve success and find their best self.

Our Purpose

Creating fun and positive community that provides everything young women needs to elevate their life, from career advice to self-care.

How Do We Support Them

Daily Articles

Community Event

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Our Team

Resi Deriana

Co-founder / Head Editor

Muhammad Rifqi

Co-founder / Business Dev.

Fendi Beau

Senior Editor

Cindy Heronita

Social Media Officer

Laras Anggoro

KOL Manager

Astrid Gannis

KOL Specialist

Rimma.co community event


Every month, we will create a cohesive and fun offline event for our community, where young women can improve their skill and supporting each other.

We believe that the act of gathering inspiring and supportive women through community event and workshop creates new opportunities, ideas and conversations that will lead to success. Empowered women empower!


For any inquiries please email